Children’s Programs

Helping Children Reach Their Potential

The decision to hospitalize a child must be made very carefully and only after less restrictive alternatives have been considered. Our programs provide a safe, nurturing, and therapeutic environment for a child’s special needs.

The goal of our Children’s Program (ages 4-12) is to help children move past problems and grow to reach their potential. The program is designed to help with all types of psychiatric and behavioral health issues.

Accredited School Program:

School is a child’s work and is important for teaching self-esteem and how to get along with others. Our specially trained teachers work closely with the child’s school and teachers to help maintain the child’s progress upon discharge.

Family Involvement and Support:

Parents and guardians are expected to be actively involved in a child’s treatment. Any successful treatment program must involve the family.

Family members will be asked to be involved in the assessment process, treatment planning, family therapy, family education, discharge planning and other activities.